onsdag 10 juli 2013



It feels like it is running more and more trucks on the roads. That number has risen sharply in the last ten years. But why? Is it maybe just that I started to think more about it now after I watched an investigating documentary which involved just road carriers. Seems like the accidents have increased, when more trucks are coming across the wrong side of the road after drivers has fallen asleep behind the wheel.

I feel bad each time I encounter a truck, because I think that it may be a poor foreign driver  that by some foreign transport company has been forced to drive too far and can run into the ditch or uncontrolled run straight towards me. Companies complain that we consumers just want cheaper goods so they can't afford to hire domestic drivers. Instead they are forced to hire foreign contractors who drives for such a small expense that the foreign drivers are forced to work for shamefully low wages far below what they or any domestic driver can afford to live on. They work as slaves for the companies and are forced to drive as fast as they can to deliver the goods, they take small roads where two trucks barely can meet. They are forced to sleep in their trucks and live on meager food which does not give any strength or energy causing them to fall asleep behind the wheel.

Roads wear, small towns in rural areas becomes faster journeys for lorries that is too large for the small roundabouts. This leads to higher costs for municipalities, the State and the taxpayers.

Shouldn't these foreign companies or the domestic companies that rent these pay a larger share of the costs for the repairs of the roads? Why not use freight trains and boats as the main way of transport? Isn't it even more practical to run in with a freight train at a large factory, having a single loading bay where you are loading carts full of goods, and then drive off straight to the next step, for example, shops or the next step in the making process? Then you would probably avoid a lot of trucks on the roads per loading. Why don't we develop the train network? This is a cost that large companies should share, because their choice of transport wear and tear on the roads, creates accidents and even brings death.

The world is becoming overcrowded by large multinational companies. Is not time for them to take their responsibilities?

It seems like individuals and countries are completely run over, by this terrible ‘free trade’ that is forced upon us. Large companies operating globally should have demands on themselves that if their activities in any way interfere with a country's infrastructure in a negative way, they have an obligation to financially support the country so it can resolve the problem. 

Or am I completely alone in thinking this way?

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